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Our camps our designed to help develop and elevate particular skills sets. Please see below the camps below and register your interest following their links.

Results-Driven Coaching

With over 20 years experience both domestically and internationally, All IN Coaching is ready to help hone your skills


Five Great Britain campaigns and a Euro Championship win


With over 20 years experience both domestically and internationally, All IN Coaching is ready to help hone your skills

Receiver Camp (13+)

Bishop Rawstorne CofE Academy, Highfield Road, Croston, PR26 9HH


11am - 3pm

20 (ALL IN members £15)

Skills Camp (Ages 8 - 13)

Bishop Rawstorne CofE Academy, Highfield Road, Croston, PR26 9HH


11am - 1pm

10 (ALL IN members £5)


Being a female, playing in a male dominated sport, Coach Nic has helped push me to do my best, compete and improve as a player. His knowledge of the sport is second to none, teaching me the fundamentals and techniques which have been pivotal in my growth and development as a player.

He is always a ball of energy and his enthusiasm and love for the sport shines through, ensuring I always had fun while learning.

Kiera Collier

I have been enjoying my sessions with ALL IN coaching with Coach Ian. Through his sessions I feel stronger and more mobile and he has helped me develop my game which has improved my confidence on the field.

Coach Ian has taught me the fundamentals and given me the knowledge to help me through my first two tournaments which where pivotal to my improvement. I highly recommend ALL IN coaching.

Declan Sale

My son has started his path with ALL IN coaching recently and throughout the sessions my son’s knowledge of American Football has grown and developed further

Sessions with ALL IN coaching are constructive and motivational sessions which have also helped with self-esteem, courage and mental focus

Sessions are developed with each individual in mind, focusing on what they want to improve on in regards of what position they play

Games are analysed and discussed in depth and action plans are created working around the ability of each player. Ian insures that short term goals are met which lead into further development of the player.

My sons stance, form, agility, mobility, strength, technique and power have improved immensely and we are looking forward to what else the sessions can do Ian is highly recommended by myself and my son

Annmarie Haggerty-Sale (Parent)

Ian has been coaching my daughter one on one American Football skills. Ian ensures all safeguarding is in place and communicates well with students to ensure that he understands goals and what they want to achieve from his coaching. He is extremely professional in his approach and has an outstanding knowledge of the game. Ian’s coaching technique makes Charlotte feel at ease and this gives her the confidence to be a better player and reach her goals.

Michelle Townsend (Parent)

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    Our Mission

    To help young american football players realise their true potential through planned, quality coaching

    DBS checked coach

    BAFA Level 2 qualified

    fully insured with uk coaching

    over 20 years coaching experience

    former gb flag defensive coordinator

    help build a winning mentality